Monday, June 18, 2012

Red Angel!

This is was my outfit on 'Youth Day' June 16th. These Red shoes are from Aldo are one of my favourite pairs and the lengths I had to go through to find them, Gosh! I call the 'Ruby'
Although this Red pair is my favourite, I must admit, our relationship was not Love at first sight, well maybe it was and I was somehow just in denial and it was only a matter of time before I came to the true realization of what was happening or what happened when Ruby (the Red shoes) and I first laid eyes on each other.

How Ruby and I actually met I was at a point where I was trying to slow down my impulsive shopping. We went shoe shopping at Aldo with a girlfriend of mine and she actually got this exact pair. We left the shop and that was that. But then the following day I went looking for something else at Aldo still and Ruby was there , but then this time she started flirting with me. I didnt flirt back, I ignored her, you know how we girls are sometimes.
But the following days to come I just could not get her off my mind and so I went to the shop looking for her and they told me they didnt have her anymore. I was shattered. Asked them to check their other branches and indeed they found Ruby at the Glen Shopping Mall. But Oh, she had been reserved for a client all ready, so again I was shattered.

A few days down the line I called Aldo at the Glen Shopping Mall to inquire about Ruby(the Red shoes) and I was told that she was there still, the client they had reserved her for never came to pick her up. So I asked them to keep her for me and I drove all the way to the Glen, which is a distance for me considering that I live in the north.

Anyway, got to Aldo found Ruby there, fitted her and she was perfect, and remember i was fitting her for the first time hey because even though she had flirted with me before, I just never flirted back. Well, today Ruby and I are very happy together and so glad we found each other, I'm just sorry it took so long to find each other, but I love her to bits and she loves me too. She's my 'Freakum Shoes'

My top is from 'Love Dynasty' my brand

Earings Mr Price


  1. I love the use of red in this outfit post!

  2. looove this outfit =)))

    xo JANE xo


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