Monday, September 16, 2013

Destiny Fulfilled!

This is how I’ve been feeling latetly. So finally we welcomed back my Dear Dear friend Spring season here in South Africa and I’m super excited, it’s nice and warm and peace in the land has once again been restored. Winter was cruel, Oh but it always is, which is why me and winter have never been friends. Just 2 weeks before spring I was hit with extreme busyness, not that I’m complaining, so I hardly got to enjoy the warm sun when it came only about 2 weeks after Spring had come I was able to actually just go sit outside somewhere nice with a cocktail and actually enjoy a bit of sun without a care in the world. So when I finally got a chance to Welcome back my dear friend Spring, this was my outfit, ja ja I know it’s got the long sleeves, not very springy, but hey, it’s not that warm as yet, still a few residues of the cold left behind but we should have spring in full blossom in a about a week or so.


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